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Biology of the Vipers Conference / Chefchaouen, May 12th-14th, 2017


The “Biology of the Vipers Conference” is an international congress about the different aspects related to the biology of viper species (Serpentes, Viperidae). Its main aim is to provide a proper environment for discussion and meeting of researchers from all over the world who work with this group of reptiles. The first conference took place in 2000 (Uppsala, Sweden) and since then three more have been organised. The 5th Biology of the Vipers Conference will be the first edition to be organised outside of Europe, taking place at the south-western part of the Mediterranean Basin, in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

5th edition
Chefchaouen and Morocco are perfect to set the 5th Biology of the Vipers Conference due to the friendly character of their habitants, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and, most importantly, the high diversity of vipers (seven species from five genera) within North Africa. We hope this congress will promote future collaborations and knowledge exchange between members from distinct countries, as well as aware about conservation status of species distributed in North Africa.
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